Combating the smuggling of products subject to excise duties and consumtion taxes creates multidimensional social revenue. In the critical fiscal environment we live in, the fight of smuggling contributes to raising public revenues and protects entrepreneurship by increasing legitimate consumption; it also minimizes harmful substances available in the market promoting thus public health. The Operational Coordination Centre (SEK) aims to coordinate the services involved in the fight against smuggling and to function as a force multiplier for authorities in the difficult task of combating the smuggling of Alcohol, Tobacco and Energy products.

SEK’s vision is to generate a flexible and effective body providing reliable coordination among the Services involved in the fight against the smuggling of excisable products.

SEK’s mission is to fight the smuggling of excisable products, through the coordination of the Services involved in prosecution, and to collect, analyze, process all available information towards optimizing the effectiveness of controls carried out by law enforcement authorities in the context of joint actions with the operational or non- participation of SEK.



Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR)

Hellenic Police / Ministry of Citizen Protection

G.D. for Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE) / Ministry of Finance

Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) / Ministry of Maritime Affairs

National Transparency Authority

General Secretariat for Commerce(GS of Commerce) / Ministry of Development and Investments


 Operational Coordination Centre (SEK) 
7-9 Akadimias Str. C.P. : 10671
 tel: +30 2132110 900
 e-mail : sek@sek.gov.gr