07/04/2023 – 500,000 liters of organic chemical solvents (“designer fuels”) seized – Over 550,000 euros tax evasion.

Athens, 07 April 2023




Customs auditors of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) identified and seized 500,000 liters of gasoline adulteration solvents (“designer fuels”). Specifically, the Mobile Enforcement Teams (K.O.E.) of Patra and Igoumenitsa of the Attica Customs Auditing Service (EL.Y.T.) and the Financial Police, under the instructions of the Coordinating Operational Centre (SEK), used EUROPOL intelligence on a suspicious tanker vehicle carrying gasoline adulteration solvents.


The criminal groupattempted to smuggle into Greece 15 tank containersvia the sea line Trieste – Patra and storethe illicit solvents in chemical storage tanks, located in Patra and Schimatari (Attica), in order to distribute them to illegal facilities and gas stations throughout the country.


The IAPRauditors, in cooperation with the Hellenic Police, waited for the illegal cargo at the appropriate entry and destination points and finally proceeded to inspect and detain the tank containers at the port of Patra. Solvent samples were shipped to the General Chemical Laboratory for analysis. At the same time, under the instructions of SEK, the Financial Police went to the aforementioned storage areas in Patra and Schimatari, where they unveiledthe illegal chemical storage tanks.


The evaded taxes corresponding to the State revenue loss, amount to over 550,000 euros.