Athens, 25 January 2023




ΙΑPR: Seizure of 24.2 mil. of contraband cigarettes-At 5.9 million euros the corresponding duties and taxes


Twenty-four million two hundred and twenty thousand (24,220,000) pieces of contraband cigarettes, as well as production and packaging machines, were traced and seized after an inspection of three containers at the port of Piraeus.


Specifically, the customs officers of the Third Customs Office of Piraeus, using the X-RAY system and the assistance of a tobacco detector dog, after a local risk analysis, identified and seized three containers as contraband items.


The first originating from China, was unloaded at the port of Piraeus. The final recipient company was based in Athens and the content was declaredas "machines and packaging for wrapping or packing goods". During the inspection, however, the inspectors found that it actually contained a full production line and a cigarette packing machine, which was seized.


The second container was located by customs officers of the Anti-Smuggling Department of the Third Customs Services of Piraeus in cooperation with SDOE, after utilizing intelligence from SEK. Its country of origin was the United Arab Emirates and its final destination was Egypt. 14,980,000 pieces of contraband cigarettes were found inside,and seized, the corresponding duties and taxes amounting to 3,172,427.16 euros.


Finally, following intelligence from SEK, officers of the Anti-Smuggling Department of the 3rd Customs Services of Piraeus, with the assistance of the Coast Guard, proceeded to the inspection and the retaining of a third container. Its country of origin was China and the destination Bulgaria. Inside, 10,584 pcs of men's underwear were found in the first two loading rows.However, the underwear was used as a means of concealing 9,240,000 pcs of contraband cigarettes found in the remaining loading lines. The corresponding duties and taxes on contraband cigarettes amount to 2,752,331.74 euros.