Athens, November 8, 2022


§  The Directorate of Economic Police dismantled a criminal organization that smuggled ethyl alcohol from Bulgaria and channeled it to distilleries for the production of alcoholic beverages

§  3 members of the organization were arrested

§  19,200 liters of ethyl alcohol were seized, among others;the evaded taxes are estimate at 590,000 euros

The Directorate of Financial Police in cooperation with SEK dismantled a criminal organization that systematically imported ethyl alcohol from Bulgaria and channeled it to factories producing alcoholic beverages.

As revealedby the investigation, at least since August 2022, the criminal organization was systematically importing ethyl alcohol (liquor) from Bulgaria, in order to manufacture illegal alcoholic beverages and channel them to Attica region and various parts of Greece, reaping great financial benefits.

Contraband ethyl alcohol was transported in specially designed boxes on trucks. The trucks also transported legal products with documents, placed in such a way as not to be detected. For its temporary storage in the Attica region, they used transport companies, drawing up false documents regarding the transport type and the recipients.

The dismantling of the criminal organization took place in a coordinated police operation in morning hours on Monday, November 7, 2022. 3 members of the organization were arrested, namely the truck driver and two recipients of the contraband amount of alcohol, one of which was a distillery owner. A case file was filed against them for criminal organization and violations of the National Customs Code.

At the same time, during the investigations carried out with the assistance of the Customs Audit Service in Attica, in the distillery business, as well as in storage areas and vehicles, the following were found and confiscated:

• 19,200 liters of ethyl alcohol,

• machine that places caps on bottles,

• machine used to fill pouches,

• 3 filter pumps,

• 2 drink mixers,

• tractor with sliding seat,

• 2 vans,

• 3 mobile phones,

• 1,500 euros and documents


Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.


It is reminded that citizens can contact the Directorateof Financial Police, anonymously or not, by calling at 11012 or by e-mailing at, in order to provide information or report illegal and fraudulent actions or activities against the economy, public property, as well as social and security welfare and rights.