The Directorate of Financial Police, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Customs and under the coordination of SEK, arrested at noon yesterday (04-02-2022) nine (9) parsons, who imported chemical solvents from Bulgaria for the purpose of fuel adulteration. A relevant criminal case was filed against them for, as the case may be, violations of the National Customs Code and the laws on the organization of the market in petroleum products and the regulation of the market in products. In addition, three (3) persons are co-defendants, whose details have been identified and are being sought for arrest.  In particular, by appropriate employment of intelligence by SEK, it was found that they imported chemical solvents from Bulgaria in a suitable vehicle. They stored the solvents in a special tank, in a company's courtyard in an area of Attica. Then, with a tank truck, they loaded the solvents and supplied a gas station, in order to mix them with the gas station fuel.In fact, in order to hide their actions and mislead the authorities, they made sure that the documents they issued showed a "ghost" company in Thessaloniki, that is, a company without commercial activity, as the consignee. From the research carried out at the company and the gas station, the following were found and seized in total: 29,301.50 liters of solvent mixture, a truck with semitrailer, a tank truck, 990 euros, 22 pallets with metal packages of 5 liters, mobile phones and documents.It should be noted that the evaded duties, taxes and other charges deriving from the seized quantities alone amount to EUR 30,718.47. Those arrested were taken to the competent public prosecutor's office.