A criminal group was dismantled by the Deputy Directorate of Financial Police of Northern Greece,

 whose members imported chemical solvents from Bulgaria, mixed them with fuel and then channeled 

them through a gas station in an area of Northern Greece.

Six OCG members were arrested and a case file was formed against them, which includes another person, for gang formation and violations of the National Customs Code and the legislation on the organization of the market in petroleum products, while the evaded taxes, duties and other charges are estimated at 26,932 euros.

The operation was preceded by appropriate use of intelligence derived from SEK and the Customs Authorities of Promachonas. In the context of the police investigation that followed, it was found that, at least since September 2021, theOCG:

imported solvents from two companies based in Bulgaria,

transported the solvents to a warehouse in an area of Northern Greece,

mixed solvents with fuel in special tanks found on site,

loaded the mixtures into a tank truck and then supplied them to a gas station.

The police operation took place on Monday, November 29, 2021, with the assistance of the competent Chemical Service and the Customs Authority of Northern Greece, at the exact time when the perpetrators were transfusing the mixture from a tank truck to the gas station tanks. From the ensuing search, the following were found and seized:

26,100 liters of fuel without documents,

tank truck, semitrailer of the tank truck and car,

pallet tanks and a variety of machinery - tools used for mixing chemical solvents. 

Those arrested were taken to the competent public prosecutor's office.