Three (3) nationals, 42-year-old, 44-year-old and 46-year-old, were arrested yesterday (29.11.2021) at noon, in a local community of the Municipality of Kalamata in Messinia, by police officers of the Security Subdirectorateof Kalamata, for smuggling alcoholic beverages. A case was filed against them for violating the Customs Code and tax evasion legislation. The file also includes a 34-year-old national. In particular, after proper evaluation and use of data of the Security Subdirectorateof Kalamata, and after an organized police operation in cooperation with the Customs Office and the Chemical Service of Kalamata, they arrested the 42-year-old and the 44-year-old in the act, riding in a vehicle and carrying out the transport of alcoholic beverages, in total 408 liters, without legal documents of purchase, possession and trading. The police investigation conducted by the Security Subdirectorate of Kalamata revealed that the 46-year-old arrested, along with the42-year-old Greek national arrested and the 34-year-old Greek national, who is being sought, ran an alcoholic beverage trading company, at least since the beginning of November 2021 till yesterday (29.11.2021), and supplied stores of sanitary interest without paying the excise tax, thus reaping large amounts of money. In a subsequent search in a warehouse, 3,847 liters of alcoholic beverages were found and seized additionally in various capacity packages (bottles, bags, etc.). The beverages were possessed with no accompanying legal documents of purchase, possession and trading. The above vehicle was also seized as the means of committing criminal offenses. The seized quantities will be sent to the competent Customs Office for the determination of the evaded taxes and duties while samples of the drinks will be sent to the Chemical Service for chemical analysis, in order to determine their possible adulteration.Those arrested will be taken to the Prosecutor's Office to the Court of First Instance of Kalamata, while both the police investigation and the preliminary investigation still continue by the Security Subdirectorateof Kalamata.