It was dismantled by the Organized Crime Unit of the General Regional Police Directorate of Crete in cooperation with the Operational Directorate of the Financial Crime Unit (SDOE) of Attica / B' Subdirectorate - Department H' Control of Rules of Trafficking, Purchase of Products and Provision of Services, an OCG, whose members were systematically and illegally importing and trafficking contraband alcoholic beverages, fake labels of famous firms, and alsorefilling bottles with irregular and adulterated product. In a large-scale police operation carried out by the above Services, the Crime Prevention Team of the Security Directorate of Attica and SEK, five (5) OCG members (3 nationals and 2 foreigners) were arrested yesterday (19.09.2021) in an area of the Municipality of Kropia. Among them a leading member and another national were arrested for admission and trading of the proceeds of crime. From the thorough and months-long police preliminary investigation, it was revealed that the OCG members were active at least since July 2020, illegally importing from Bulgaria into our country alcoholic beverages, which they stored, processed and then supplied to liquor stores, wholesale liquor stores and mini markets, in Attica and other tourist areas. In order todistributethedrinks,theyusedfictitiousdocumentsandafalsifieddescriptionofgoods, while takingspecialmeasurestomakeitdifficultforlawenforcementauthorities todetectthem. During the searches carried out in houses, storage areas and vehicles the followingwere found and seized: a total of 4,638 bottles with self-adhesive labels of famous companies, 9,889 self-adhesive labels, 30 bottles of solvents, 95 liters of tsipouro, 15 liters of gin, 10 liters of ouzo, 15 liters of mastic, 20 liters of tequila, a total amount of money of 39,495 euros and 485 Bulgarian leva, 4 vehicles i.e. 3 trucks and 1 car,  8 mobile phone devices, a revolver, a hunting rifle, 57 cartridges, 2 scrapers and handwritten notes. The quantities of alcoholic beverages seized will be handed over to the Customs Authorities, while the amount of money will be deposited in the Deposit and Loan Fund. At the same time, samples were taken by the competent Chemical Service as their examination was mandated by the General Chemical State Laboratory. Based on the research data and according to the provisional determination of the competent customs authority, the charges from the evasion of Excise Duty, other duties and stamps, correspond to at least EUR 49,955.58. In addition, according to the statements made so far by the trade mark proprietors of the companies, the damage they suffered amounts to EUR 157,987.78. A case file was filed against the parties involved for - as the case may be - criminal organization, forgery, offenses of the National Customs Code, the law on weapons, the market code and the admission and trading of proceeds of crime. Preliminary investigation is carried out by the Organized Crime Unit of the General Regional Police Directorate of Crete in cooperation with the Operational Directorate of SDOE / B' Subdirectorate - Department H' Control of Trafficking Rules